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“The Day I gave up on being a Following Star”

    1 In this world, nations are arranged in a single continuous continent, making up the four countries called the Great Nations.  With their territory in the east, west, south, and north, and while there are various other smaller countries, they are treated as nothing more than vassal states under the protection of one of theContinue reading ““The Day I gave up on being a Following Star””

3.CH4. A trip’s departure, many difficulties lay ahead

The morning after his worrying heart-to-heart with Ram, all the members gathered in front of the Mansion’s front gate, among them Subaru burst out in a loud voice irrespective of the mood. “Hwaaa, it’s this guy!” Subaru cried out in joy. Before the energized Subaru’s eyes was a majestic steed carrying an air of composure.Continue reading “3.CH4. A trip’s departure, many difficulties lay ahead”

3.CH3. Planning a trip to the capital

“You’re going to the capital right? Me! I want to go too!!” After the guests left, those in the parlor room all let out a collective sigh, the room slowly settling into a relaxed mood―――― with a single statement it was brilliantly smashed to pieces by Subaru. Bursting through the door without notice, carrying aContinue reading “3.CH3. Planning a trip to the capital”

3.CH2. A servant’s tea-time conversation

Sent off by the Coachman, the two were greeted as they entered the mansions entrance lobby, “Welcome back Emilia-sama” Said Rem with a composed face lacking in expression, the temperature in the room dropping from her voice alone as she gave a bow. Raising her head, that emotionless face was something he hadn’t seen inContinue reading “3.CH2. A servant’s tea-time conversation”