Oni Sisters of the Hidden Village – The Role of an Oni

“To tell the truth, Nee-sama, there is a matter of some importance.” When her beloved little sister arrived and said that with a serious look, Ram narrowed her pale red eyes. The time was evening, and the place was Ram’s personal room in the Roswaal manor. She had already finished her work as a maidContinue reading “Oni Sisters of the Hidden Village – The Role of an Oni”

Priscilla’s Cheers for Me, Entertainment Part

1 “Well now, this is quite a collection of fools who think too highly of themselves.” Looking down on the scene below her, the woman concealing her mouth with a fan spoke without concealing her contempt. Cruel beauty, and loveliness like a poison flower. A bewitching girl, who unleashed her beauty like an attack. OrangeContinue reading “Priscilla’s Cheers for Me, Entertainment Part”

The Saga of the Great Crusch-sama Begins, The Chapter of Vows☆ 

“……!” The tip of the wooden sword split the air as it was swung, and the boy grit his teeth. Sweat beaded on his forehead, and his fingertips felt slightly numb. His body was heavy with fatigue, and while breathing heavily with his shoulders bobbing up and down, he stuck the wooden sword into theContinue reading “The Saga of the Great Crusch-sama Begins, The Chapter of Vows☆ “

The Saga of the Great Crusch-sama Begins☆ 

Chapter 1 When Felix Argyle was young, the world was a colorless, transparent place. Without color, without sound, without flavor, without warmth. Nothing was given to him, and nothing was taken away. From the start, he possessed nothing. In a room so dark he couldn’t see even his own hands, atop a bed he’d laidContinue reading “The Saga of the Great Crusch-sama Begins☆ “

Oni Sisters of the Hidden Village: A Happy Bad Dream

Chapter 1 “ – Nee-sama, what might be the matter?” With those few words directed at her, Rem’s mind was visited with severe shock and blankness. “Umm……?” Placing a hand on her own cheek, Rem tilted her head while scrunching her eyebrows together in confusion. Hadn’t there been something odd about that? She inquired toContinue reading “Oni Sisters of the Hidden Village: A Happy Bad Dream”

Oni Sisters of the Hidden Village: Welcome to the Evening Party

Chapter 1 “Just as expected, nee-sama, you’re as pretty as a picture no matter what you wear.” Having finished dressing her, Rem looked over her older sister standing before her, and let out a sigh of admiration. Hearing those words, the older sister – Ram – ran her hands lightly over her peach-colored hair. “DoContinue reading “Oni Sisters of the Hidden Village: Welcome to the Evening Party”

Re: Starting Life in an Endless Summer from Zero

Chapter 1 “It’s summer! It’s the sea! It’s sunshine!” Seeing the superb vista spread out before him, Subaru Natsuki shouted that without thinking. Right in front of his eyes, welcoming him with a flourish, was a vast quantity of clear blue water. Before this beautiful view that nature had brought forth, what a very smallContinue reading “Re: Starting Life in an Endless Summer from Zero”

Librarian Beatrice’s Log – Page 3

…In truth, the situation was more or less as she had expected. The ominous foreboding was itself something that Beatrice had been unable to escape. In the first place, the premonition had started the moment she had heard who had been selected to head to the capital this time around. The first two were EmiliaContinue reading “Librarian Beatrice’s Log – Page 3”

Frederica and Petra’s Maid Days II

Frederica Baumann had worked as a maid for Count Roswaal L. Mathers since she was around eleven years old. After ten years of continuous service, she prided herself in lacking nothing in ability to do her job, despite being only twenty-one. In truth, considering everything including her loyalty to Count Roswaal, there were few nowContinue reading “Frederica and Petra’s Maid Days II”

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