Re: Zero talk show and book signing summary

Held February 5th, 2017 on the sixth floor of the Akihabara Gamers store

A summary of content of the talk show and book signing held for Tappei Nagatsuki (Grey Cat)

(If you don’t mind my faint recollections, here they are)

Attendees were over 50, but less than 100.

Out of 100 people there, perhaps 80 or 90 were participating.

After asking people to raise their hands, it looks like around half had read the web novel.

Over 90% of the attendees were male.

ID cards were required to enter the meeting.

Guest: Tappei Nagatsuki (Grey Cat)

Moderator: Re: Zero book editor Mr. Ikemoto

The two of them got along like old war buddies.  Quite friendly.

Mr. Cat was quite talkative.  Ad-libs were frequent.  The atmosphere was peaceful from start to finish.  Occasional laughter.

Incidentally, it’s apparently rather rare for authors to do talk shows.  Mr. Cat is an exception.  This is the second talk show held for MF Bunko J books at the Akihabara.  (The first and second were both MR. Cat. lol )

Any future Re: Zero content mentioned during the talk show and book signing is only a prediction, so please be aware that it could change!

The meeting went like this:


  • (1) Opening talk (greeting)
  • (2) Talk show
  • Mr. Cat’s impressions and thoughts of the Re: Zero anime
  • Talking about the characters
  • (Mr. Ikemoto had prepared paper slips with characters names, and Mr. Cat drew slips and answered questions about that character)
  • (3) Ending talk (farewell and light advertising)
  • * Up to this point took over an hour
  • (4) Book signing
  • Signing occurred in the seating order (the order that the meeting hall was entered), leaving the hall after.  It wasn’t an assembly-line operation, the doctor responded politely to each person.  He also shook hands.  Because of that, the signing took around an hour and a half.
  • Mr. Cat thanked everyone who had come a long way.  Around ten people gave him gifts.  Everyone’s signature was done with their real name.
  • Mr. Cat was checking which volume people brought to have signed.  Volume 1, the special books that accompanied discs, and the Re: Zeropedia seemed to be common.
  • When signing, he asked who their favorite character is.  Mr. Ikemoto tallied up the answers.
  • As expected, Rem is popular.
  • Otto was also unexpectedly popular?  When guys answered that they liked a male character, the Sensei reaction was good (??).  Petra was chosen by …1 person?
  • Mr. Cat was fairly responsive.  Fans of less-popular characters, long-time fans, and people carrying (or wearing) merchandise got a big reaction (?).
  • The Sensei’s resistance to decay seems to be less than it used to be… lol


Contents of the Talk Show


About the anime:

  • ‘The anime having a happy end was a good thing… right?’ wondered the doctor.
  • Personally, he thought it was fine having a happy end, otherwise things would have burst into flames, and they wouldn’t have been able to hold a meeting like this, so he accepts that this result is probably for the best.
  • The anime episode that left him with the deepest impression was episode 15.
  • Subaru and Betelgeuse’s voice acting, the production of the ending, and such were impressive.
  • (Mr. Matsuoka has apparently read past Arc 4 of the web novel, so Dr. Cat admires him for having done the voice acting with the content of Arc 4 in mind.)
  • It also seems that, to the Sensei, having Subaru turned into a punching bag for episodes 13 through 17 was quite enjoyable
  • Episode 1 also left an impression on him.  Seeing his own work turned into an anime was moving.  It was also memorable for being the moment that his dream (having his work turned into an anime) was realized.
  • When asked which of the characters he liked from the disc jackets, he answered Crusch-sama.
  • The reason was that she looked cool (vague memory).
  • Incidentally, he also said that he enjoys having terrible things happen to his favorite characters.  How cruel. Lol.
  • He also liked volume 4 and volume 9 (due to showing the relationship between characters).
  • The disc jacket artwork for volumes 1 through 9 was completed very quickly after they requested it.
  • The Sensei greatly admires Otsuka’s speed and quality of his work.
  • For the light novel publication also, volumes 1 through 3 were published monthly one after the other, and it seems the designs for all the characters from Arc 1 and 2 were all shown at the same time.
  • He said he was surprised by Beako’s design.
  • The idea of putting butterflies in her eyes was amazing, and he praised the artist, saying he couldn’t imagine how the he thought that up.
  • There’s not much interest in characters with one eye hidden, so when Mr. Cat saw Ram and Rem’s character designs, he thought “Whoa, so cute…” lol
  • His favorite scene in the anime with Ram was episode 10, the scene where Subaru threw her, since her expression was cute.
  • He also liked episode 7, where she chased him to the cliff.
  • The reason was that she was so emotional.
  • (Also that the artists put in an amazing effort, and she was very beautiful.)
  • It seems the work on the anime production began around three years ago.
  • It was a busy time, since he’d spend weekdays at his regular job, and holidays at the recording studio and such…
  • So he didn’t have any days off in the week, the whole time.
  • It’s pretty bad now too, apparently (writing the special offer side stories and such).
  • Because of that, he didn’t feel it as strongly as he expected to when the anime ended.
  • There was no announcement of a second season for the anime.
  • From the way they were talking, it seems that it hasn’t even been decided yet if there will be a second season…?
  • Everyone, let’s all buy the discs and novels!!
  • The Sensei said “If any of you are friends with an oil baron, get him to join us! (laughter)”.


About the characters:

  • There are (were?) five candidates for the last boss.
  • Echidna was a candidate but it looks like she’s not anymore? (The declaration was avoided?)
  • It seems it was decided at one point that Ferris would be the last boss.
  • Something like he’d use magic freely, and control all the people in the world (falling to darkness?)
  • But thanks to Crusch-sama, it didn’t turn out that way.
  • The combo of Reinhard and Felt are clearly positive rivals for the main character.
  • Perhaps that means that Reinhard’s overwhelming sense of being the main character and Felt’s similarity to Cinderella will become a serious barrier to Emilia’s camp…?
  • It seems that Rai and Fel will be active around Arc 9.
  • In response to the question ‘What is Priscilla’s secret?’, the Sensei responded that Priscilla doesn’t really have a secret.  It’s that sort of thing (laughter), he said.
  • Priscilla will probably be active around Arc 7.
  • There will also be some discussion of the Vollachia Empire (an old rivalry?).
  • Old Man Wil, Ram, and Rem were originally side characters.
  • There wouldn’t have been a white whale battle, and the “From Zero” conversation wasn’t part of the original plan.
  • ‘What was Arc 3 going to be, then!?’, he asked in amazement.
  • The fight with Betelgeuse was decided on.
  • Betelgeuse would be a villainous mirror. (He’d become as hated as he could, and then be properly defeated in that arc).
  • Old Man Wil was simply going to be a coach driver at first.
  • However, in the reader feedback column at the website, someone wrote “This old fellow is no ordinary man.  Who is he?”, and all of a sudden, he delved down into his character.
  • As a result of thinking about it, the image of the Sword Demon, Wilhelm van Astrea, came to mind, and you see the result.
  • Thanks to a reader impression, we have the current Arc 3, so please give more feedback!, he says.
  • The secret story of Ram and Rem’s birth
  • Arc 2 didn’t exist at first. (Characters named Roswaal and Beatrice were already decided on.)
  • However, going straight from Arc 1 to Arc 3, Subaru and Emilia’s relationship would be too weak, so even if they quarreled in Arc 3, it wouldn’t raise much excitement, so an arc was added between them.
  • For that, the loops at the Roswaal estate were added.
  • Mansion -> maids -> Can’t write too much -> two should be enough -> if you’re saying two, how about twins?
  • With that sort of process, Ram and Rem made their appearance.
  • The source of their names was “Right – Left”.
  • At first, they followed the twin stereotype image of having few differences, and their characters developed as the writing progressed, and now there are clear differences…
  • (It seems he doesn’t make many firm decisions about characters at first, and lets them develop along with the story).
  • Ram’s favorite things: Rem’s steamed potatoes, pink things, Rem.
  • She enjoys things like taking care of her nails, and is concerned about her clothing.
  • Rem on the other hand, doesn’t worry overly much about that sort of thing (cute airhead?)
  • It sounds like a lot of her casual clothing is hand-me-down’s from her sister… (faint memory)
  • The ease of writing Ram and Rem hasn’t changed much.
  • * Incidentally, it seems that the Sensei isn’t very skilled at drawing…
  • Rem has been easier to write since she became affectionate.
  • A hard-to-write character would be Emilia.
  • She’s an idealized character, so he can’t have her speak poorly.  Because of that, she’s difficult to write.
  • The gift booklet that came with the first disc was tough… (wry laughter)
  • Subaru won’t show up on the cover until the final volume.  There’s a chance he might not even show up then…
  • He’s been on the short story cover, but he was covered up by the title logo… lol
  • Patrasche’s turn for discussion will be a good talk, it sounds like…?
  • Petra will have a turn for discussion, too.  Alright!
  • Roswaal too, it seems.
  • The Sensei says that Echidna’s ‘Dona face’ (smug face) makes him want to hit her. lol
  • In the novelization of Arc 4, he wants to make Roswaal more cruel, and Echidna greedier.
  • It sounds like demihuman discrimination is not as bad in Kararagi as in other countries.
  • Is that the reason that Anastasia’s mercenary company is made of demihumans?
  • The Pearlbarton siblings still have parts to play.
  • When asked about which novel illustrations he liked (limited to Rem?), he answered the volume 5 picture of Rem’s corpse.
  • The reason was that there are no other illustrations of dead bodies.
  • (Subaru dies time after time, but the scene changes because of Return by Death.  Hence, it’s difficult to illustrate.)
  • Besides that, he liked Rem in the volume 6 special edition.
  • He thought that Rem might become popular, but for it to go this far… he was surprised.


Other topics:

  • The special gift book for purchasing all the discs isn’t finished yet (the deadline is dangerous!)
  • A completely unpublished Kararagi route is planned, with no copy-paste.
  • (From a questionnaire at the meeting hall, it looks like it’s will be half serious, half heartwarming.)
  • (Translation note: Not sure if this line is referring to what the audience wanted to see, or what Tappei is writing.)
  • The reason that the discs ended up coming with 4 books is
  • With the sort of previous example of other stories coming with one book when you purchase all the volumes, considering (rebelling against?) that, Ikemoto-san waved the idea that it should be fine for Re: Zero to come with four books, right?, and then Mr. Cat had no choice but to write them… (laughter)
  • Mr. Cat put an extra-large signature on the Rem panel.  (marking)
  • It’s on display until February 7th, alternating with the Rem life-sized figure, at the Gamer’s Re: Zero Museum (7th floor of the Akihabara Gamer’s)
  • The ‘Re: Zero only’ message cards from the Re: Zero museum, etc, are all basically sent to the Sensei. (Sega etc.’s game centers are unknown).
  • Mr. Cat and Mr. Ikemoto
  • As the meeting ended, they entered stealth mode to go back to the town.
  • Even if they hung around after that, it seems they mostly wouldn’t be noticed.
  • They’re both nice, normal guys.


That’s the end of the report!

I apologize for the mistakes and length.

For those who read through to the end, thanks very much!


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